Zeus, the God of Lightning, inspires Scientists to recycle concrete

Scientists are now getting inspired by mythological powers of Greek Gods and have managed to convert Zeus’s thunder bolt into energy for disintegrating concrete in an eco-friendly manner. With the lightning generated, the rubble is broken into core components without generating concrete waste.

Breaking concrete has always been an environmental concern as the method of shredding it produces a lot of carbon dioxide and furthermore it becomes tough to recycle the tons of waste that emanates out of the process. The scientists working in the Concrete Technology Group of the Fraunhofter Institute in Germany have discovered that by zapping it with lightning, we can recycle the concrete rubble to create a brand new structure. With this method, any old building or road that needs to be torn down can be recycled completely by using the process of electrodynamic fragmentation that disintegrates the concrete into its original components. The scientists have found that if they generate a 150-nanosecond bolt of lightning that is traveling through water and make it enter the concrete, then that would lead to a pressure wave and a subsequent explosion that would separate the components of the concrete.

This ingenious process enables the concrete to come back to its original state with the various components rather than a messy rubble. At present, the researchers are processing a one ton/hour of waste concrete and making it completely recyclable.


Via: dvice.com