Seven Worst Biodegradable Products

Biodegradable Products

Every year millions of metric units of landfill material ARE put in to pollute the land, and those products take almost a thousand years to decompose. But at this rate of consumption and disposal, the world will soon turn into a garbage can. We had many of awareness camps, online movements and banner parades to make people realize about the need to use the decomposable products over the non-decomposable ones, and now we can see the effect.

With the customers getting gradually concerned about the environment friendly products, the world market is now drifting more and more towards the recyclable home appliances, hardware equipment and daily life products. The consumer of today is looking for products that can be recycled or decomposed and is provided with a range of items made of natural compounds, yet reliable and stable for the usage. We already have eco friendly bags, solar energy panels for home power and many products that make us smile. But some of these make us laugh hard, just imagine about degradable vehicles, pens and mobile phones? Here we follow up some of the decomposable products that are hard to believe to exist.

1. Biodegradable pens

Eco friendly pens

The pens used by students worldwide are mostly made of plastic and metal, regarding the wide usage and shorter life. These pens, when disposed, make most of the plastic waste generated in stationary products. But not anymore, biodegradable pens invented by Grass Roots can be an answer for this situation. The basic constituent for the body of this pen, Mater-Bi, is actually a compound made by cornstarch that gets decomposed under a year. Being a plastic substance, yet biodegradable, it can be a good replacement for ones who want the earth green for long.

2. Biodegradable sports car

Biodegradable sports car

The students of Warwick University have made a unique sports car, Eco One. The car is capable of gaining 125 mph. Not Impressed? Now the real surprise is to come – the car is 95 percent biodegradable, where the only exception being the steel chass is to keep it framed strong. The car body is made of hemp, brake pads from nut shells and the tires are from potato starch, making the car recyclable and finally biodegradable.

3. Biodegradable bedpans

Biodegradable bedpans

When we say the word “Hospital”, what do you see ? Broken syringes, plastic bottles, expired medicine, plastic and so much of non-biodegradable stuff that totally hurt the environment. But the story is going to change now, hospitals these days use solar energy for their heating and power purposes, across the corridor you will find greener gardens and water harvesting roofs and more of eco friendly facilities across the hospital building. Adding to the toll, Toronto based company, Vernacare, has released its range of eco friendly bedpans for patients, made of old phonebooks and bee-wax, making them totally biodegradable while they are out of use.

4. Biodegradable camera

Biodegradable camera

Sony presents the world’s first eco friendly camera. Odo, the camera is made of biodegradable casing making it easy to be decomposed, and the biggest advantage with this camera is that it does not need any batteries. The power is produced by kinetic means, just a few seconds to roll the camera and you are ready for a snap. Now is the time to smile green.

5. Biodegradable umbrella

Biodegradable umbrella

Brelli is introducing their new umbrellas that are fully biodegradable. The umbrellas are designed using a bioplastic material for the canopy, while the wires and handle are made of bamboo. The whole umbrella can be decomposed within 18 to 24 months.

6. Grassy mobile phone

Grassy mobile phone

The growing Chinese mobile company Je-Hyun Kim has designed an eco friendly mobile phone that is half recyclable and half biodegradable. The keypad and the screen for the mobile phone are made to be recycled after usage, while the rest of the mobile phone is made of grass like carbonic components, making it fully decomposable. The device breaks down within two years, but it also depends upon the usage rate.

7. Wooden bike

Wooden bike

This kid has done a wonder, 16 year old Marco Facciola, a high school student has created a bike that is entirely made of glue and wood, making it fully biodegradable. The whole body of the bicycle, from the rims to the chain, including the wheels and seat, is entirely made of wood. The parts can be easily repaired and recycled, and at last decomposed when its time. Marco plans to present the eco friendly bike for his academic project.