World’s largest artificial reef: It can earn $92 million a year

the oriskany

With the natural reefs destroying amidst rising ocean temperatures, here is the world’s largest artificial reef created intentionally. Holes have been blasted in the U.S. Navy’s retired U.S. aircraft carrier Oriskany, off the coast of Florida. And this sends the warship to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, making it the world’s largest artificial reef, intentionally created.

The ship is a combat veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars, and it is 888-foot (271-meter), 32,000-ton (29,030-tonne). Just 35 minutes to go, and the ship settled below the surface after 22 small explosive charges are hulled on her by the crews. Navy spokeswoman Pat Dolan informed this.

It took $20 million for the ship to be stripped of toxic materials, then towing it to the site, followed by its settling at the bottom. For benefits to the local economy, this artificial reef can bring $92 million a year, as estimated by a Florida State University study.

Via: Reuters