World’s first leaf-shaped PV cells used in the world’s first Apple-shaped charger

solar powered energy apple tree by greendix 1

Eco Factor: Apple-shaped charger powered by renewable solar energy.

Greendix and Sonelis previously launched the world’s first leaf-shaped solar panel, which was followed by the world’s first solar-powered football. Now the two companies have launched the world’s first solar-powered “energy apple” tree, which utilizes the leaf-shaped panels to harness solar energy.

solar powered energy apple tree by greendix 2

The concept pushes the idea of seamlessly integrating solar power into our surroundings. The energy apple consists of an apple-shaped battery that is charged by solar leaves. The apples glow while getting charged and also change colors, from green to red, to show when they’re ripe to the used.

solar powered energy apple tree by greendix 3

The trees can be placed outdoors, where they can beautify the surroundings and also harvest clean energy. Once charged, the energy apples can be removed from the tree and used as a charger for portable electronic devices. Greendix also stated that the energy tree can be designed into any kind of shape and an everyday consumer can just use the solar apples to keep their electronic gear charged.

solar powered energy apple tree by greendix 4

Via: Greendix

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