Woman Love concept vehicle for moms

Woman Love

While shopping for cars, men look for masculine elements such as aerodynamic design, impressive output, outstanding torque, fast acceleration and top speed. However, for most women drivers, the safety and security features of the vehicle are as important as the aforementioned sporty attributes of the vehicle. Moreover, if she were a mother of small children she would prefer a vehicle that ensures the safety of her kids. Although cars are not expected to have a gender bias, nonetheless, one cannot ignore the predominance of masculine elements in most vehicles. In an era with a preponderance of women oriented products including smartphones, laptops and magazines, the time has finally arrived for automobile manufacturers to woo their women customers with cars designed for women. Woman Love concept vehicle has incorporated all the features that most women drivers want their cars to possess.

Woman Love is a Volkswagen concept vehicle. It does not resemble the conventional Volkswagen design. It is a small car with sufficient space for housing the mom and her child and luggage space for stashing the pram and the groceries. It is pretty, smart and colorful.

Woman Love concept targets moms for whom caring for their children is the key priority in life. However, to find respite from housework, she must travel outdoors. The easy design of the concept vehicle allows women to drive with their babies. Woman Love has a seat designed specifically for babies. As your baby grows up, the seat could be accordingly adjusted to accommodate the child. Hence, the passenger seat of the Volkswagen concept car could safely ensconce newborns, toddlers and young children. However, the two-seater vehicle will disappoint moms with more than one child. This is not a family car, but a mom and only child vehicle, suitable for short trips to doctor’s clinic or grocery stores. The designer has not given details about the storage space. Efficient storage is a prerequisite for a car designed exclusively for moms.

It would be the first car to feature a “nursing desk”, a device that aids moms to changes their babies’ diaper inside the car. When the nursing desk icon on the touchscreen display is clicked, the baby’s seat reclines backward, creating space for the nursing desk.

The futuristic car runs on electric power. Solar panels installed on the roof and the façade of the vehicle trap solar energy during the day. The solar power charges the car battery. In addition, the sun’s rays stored in the receiver on the roof would facilitate sun bathing while driving the vehicle. With advancement in traffic systems, Woman Love would run safely on female with baby only tracks.

The technical specifications of the power train are not available. A car designed for women will not focus on speed, which is evident from the lack of aerodynamic elements in the exterior styling of the car. However, the car should be equipped with advanced safety features.

Women will indeed love this car. And if Volkswagen manufactures such a vehicle in the future, most women would love to keep one in their garage.

via: jasondesign