Will you eat out of stuff made from pig’s urine?

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Yuck! It’s worthy to have a green thumb and use environment-friendly stuff to reduce our load on planet. But that doesn’t mean that we can digest everything that comes our way…especially dinner served in plastic dinnerware that uses pig urine! I understand that it’s all in our mind and the dinner ware won’t literally have pig’s urine coated on it, but….! Well a Denmark-based company, Agroplast, has plans to use pig urine and transform it into plastic dinnerware and other household items. They have actually devised a way to better commercialize urea, a compound of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen, found in urine. Although other animal waste products like manure can be inserted into the system, but pig urine is particularly interesting because it is believed to be an environmental hazard.

Since Denmark accommodates about 20 million pigs, transforming their waste into plastic precursors is advisable over other bioplastic ideas because the feedstock effectively has no value. In fact, it has negative value because animal waste must be disposed, which costs money. If pursued, plastics would cost a third less than conventional plastic made from fossil fuels. In addition, Agroplast feels that these farm-friendly chemicals could also be utilized as fertilizers, ingredients in lotions and a flavor enhancer in cigarettes. So we now need to check out for any oink-ing ingredient in eco-friendly cosmetics too. Smokers now have one more reason to quit smoking….or else you know what you will be inhaling!

Via Got2BeGreen