Water Tower: A century old historical building envisioned as green

water tower 6

Eco Factor: historical building renewed with new galleries and green roofs.

Looking at the vandalistic acts that most historical building have witnessed, it’s heartening to see a century old maintaining its dignity and honor. The 27 meters high Water Tower in Lozenets/Sofia is presently being used as a place where art expositions fashion reviews and other events are being held. Since it is really small, so getting overcrowded is a problem that is faces usually. To solve this problem that too in an eco-friendly manner, a new design has been proposed that blends architectural excellence, ingenious design and sustainability together.

water tower 4

The new design proposes building two new galleries that create a mesmerizing view with beautiful green roofs. There is also room for one underground level. In order to protect the building that has a historical value, interestingly shaped shades will be brought into use. The designers has envision the changes without affecting the original design. The only new addition to the tower will be extremely small terrace. The windows open up to the stunning view of the Vitosha Mountain. This new design will add functionality to the historical structure without interfering with its individuality.

water tower 1

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Via: Behance