The Vertical Field will make you live in an aeroponic farm

Aeroponic food production methods have become increasingly popular these days and Vertical Field is a new formulation, which houses individuals and families and also acts as a space to carry out aeroponic agricultural activities. The concept is designed for urban living and ensures that people nestle amidst a healthy and sustainable environment.

VERTICAL FIELDS - RHWL Architects, England

The Vertical Field features apartments, which act as laboratories for producing aeroponic food. The food supply is checked via several scientific methods. This concept works for self production of goods as well as for selling surplus in the market. The market is a wide and elevated field, which offers enough space for showcasing the produce. There are five residential towers in total and they are connected by sky bridges that provide enough communal space for the inhabitants.

In all, the project is quite different from the other contemporary ones, related to vertical farming. The Vertical Field tower not only supports an eco friendly procedure for food production, but also provides an innovative space for living to the residents.

Via: Awrcompetitions