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Vertical farm with wind turbines: Farming in the new age

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Seems like we are really hard pressed for land these days and people have decided to expand vertically not just for homes, but also for farms. Hence the concept of vertical farming and people are trying pretty hard to try and come up with a design for vertical farms that will be more acceptable and practically useful across the globe. The Dallas Skyfarm is one such design that tries to localize the idea of vertical farming to get the best out of green energy.

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Food in this new design of vertical farm is grown in a shallow hydroponic system that is at the higher levels of the structure while the lower levels shelter larger trees. There are wind turbines which ensure that green energy is produced consistently and that is specifically a feature that is incorporated to tap into the potential of generally windy Dallas.

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While the top levels produce food, the lower levels can also be used as green parks and a structure like this will be of minimum intrusion in an urban ecosystem. With population across the globe increasing exponentially, we need to explore new ways of farming that will be less exhausting on the limited land at offer. Designs like the Dallas Skyfarm try and provide a roadmap towards that solution.

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Via: Eco Innovation Lab

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