What’s next: Vehicle monitoring devices to make driving safe, efficient

Vehicle monitoring device

Vehicle monitoring devices use a technology named as telematics that would monitor the way a vehicle moves including the driver’s actions. Apart from providing the exact location of the vehicle, similar to the GPS, this tracking system would even send the minute details such as the condition of an engine belt or even the pressure that is being applied on the brakes.

Need for change
Most companies invest a lot of money on the traditional vehicle tracking systems such as GPS which can only identify the location of any vehicle and the route of a known destination. But in a scenario where the accidents are so common and auto insurances have become so costly, we need a way which can even identify the small details such as information about an engine, driving habits of a driver, mileage etc. Vehicle monitoring device is one such tool which offers all the above features. Just imagine the results and advantages of such a tool. The companies would be able to monitor all data and would be able to know if the driver is driving under the company guidelines or not. Accidents could be avoided and more importantly, the auto insurances would automatically come down.

What’s Next

1. Autoglass envisions the windshield

What’s new

Autoglass believes that by 2020 we would be having smart windshields that would be displaying all the information required during driving right on its glass. The digital display on the glass would contain navigation details, your music menu, and even the speed at which you will be driving.

What difference will it make

The smart technology would enable the driver to concentrate on the driving by looking straighter rather than on the dashboard. The Display would also give warning messages if there are any pedestrians or other objects on the line of passage. That would automatically prevent a lot of accidents.

2. Galileo labs: Better positioning with concept

What’s new

Although GPS has been used for a variety of applications these days, the precision remains one of the concerns. With the launch of first four satellites, of the GNSS, into the orbit the Galileo would improve the current global positioning by leaps and bounds.The Galileo supported Global positioning system would become more reliable once it comes into existence.

What difference will it make

The current GPS system does not allow the service of checking the correctness of the location that is transmitted by the satellites. With the inception of Galileo based positioning system, the authorities would be able to verify the correctness and precision of a location. In case of any natural disasters such as an avalanche, victims can be located with a high precision of just a few centimeters and this was proved through an experiment conducted by Galileo labs.

3. Digital Fuel Mizer

What’s new

GI Engineering has developed a new vehicle monitoring device that helps to monitor the driving habits of a person. The device has been named a Digital Fuel Mizer, by the company which carries an internal accelerometer and software that would receive the information on how a person is driving a car.

What difference will it make

Fuel efficiency depends a lot on the person who is driving a vehicle. Some people generally drive rash using the brakes and accelerators more often than others. Fuel consumption is generally more in such cases. Digital Fuel Mizer aims to help such person change their driving habits by being more efficient. The device has been designed to give out warning signals when the software detects inefficient driving skills.

4. Acura RDX Navigation System Manual

What’s new

The Acura RDX navigation systems provides an efficient way to locate your destination and reach there, without any delay, by using updated traffic information from the satellite. Apart from the satellite communication and a map, the navigation system also uses a voice based control system that helps you to steer your way to the expected destination without any hassles.

What difference will it make

The Acura RDX navigation system manual gives detailed information on the controls, features and ways to communicate with the navigation system. Using the manual, the driver could easily setup a profile and customizations can be done according to his preferences.

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