Urban Cruiser – City transportation concept with comforts of a car

The world’s quest for alternative city riding options is going wild. Here is a splendid Urban Cruiser concept from the Slovakian designer Michal Kukucka for city transportation. It is a lightweight vehicle with the power of a motorcycle, but with the comfort of a car. The vehicle is meant for youngsters between 25 and 35. Urban Cruiser is not just a vehicle for traveling, indeed; it is superbly designed for sport activities also, especially in summer time. Of course, aside from using for city driving, it can be run in leisure hours for fun. The eco-factor is that the city car runs on electric power. No gasoline is required.

Urban Cruiser Concept

The car has airless tires, which can push out the mud and smudge while moving on solid road. Indeed, the wheels are designed to clean themselves. For constructing the body, aluminum foam is used, which will ensure light weightiness of the vehicle. The aluminum foam is solid enough to make the car’s body rocky, however. The rain resistant top glass cover is a gradient growing from the bottom. Batteries of the car will be flexible conductors, which will help you make whole bodywork from the same material. Thus, you won’t have to look for space for the cruiser batteries.

The concept car features a u-book control unit, which records many details including all information about the battery. It will show you the current battery status and how many kilometers the vehicle can move with the remaining power in batteries. As a whole, the facility will keep you updated with all information regarding battery life and others. The entire space inside the car is for some purpose. Its designer claims that the vehicle has no useless space. Every part is dedicated for purposes like keeping backpacks, personal things or other lots of baggage.

Again, it is not only for transportation. You have a facility called Car Port to connect your computer or tablet via a USB cable with the car. As well, there are elaborate facilities you can check all social networking sites inside the car. Along with driving, you can share and update your Facebook profile. The vehicle’s dashboard also sports a special casing to contain you laptop. While in the case, you can connect it with the car via Car Port with a USB cable.

Urban Cruiser is a complete ecological city transportation vehicle for your cities. You can travel on the car wherever you wish. As little space is required to travel the vehicle, city commutation will be a heavenly experience for you. Moreover, you can protect your pocket without the need to pour in fuel in the vehicle. It is also empowers your fight against climate change; and such cars will certainly reduce the carbon footprint of your city and country.

Via: Conceptsalad