Turanor PlanetSolar is one such catamaran

Unusual objects that found the use of solar energy

Gone are the days when we used to amaze to see the solar panels on rooftops, as solar power has now become the need of the hour and virtually every home or business is looking for clean but at the same time cheap sources of energy. Solar power not just gives us an alternate source of energy but also helps in sustaining the environment. From mobile phones and watches to buildings and transportation means, these days solar power is making inroads in every aspect of human life. While most of the solar projects or products follow the conventional path, there are some innovations in solar energy that will simply sweep you with their unique, unusual designs and functions. Check out some of the most unusual uses of solar energy:

Solar powered backpacks:

Solar powered backpacks

With mobile technology becoming an integral part of modern life, people look for portable power generators to juice up their mobile devices on the go. Solar backpacks are one such solution that harnessing solar energy let users charge their mobile phones, MP3 players and various other portable electronic gadgets wherever they go. Solar backpacks are just ideal for trekkers and camping enthusiasts who seek solitude but at the same time want to stay in touch with the rest of the world through their mobile devices.

Solar powered boats:

Turanor PlanetSolar is one such catamaran

Solar energy is not just powering our mobile devices, but its entering new horizons to allow us sustainable means of transportation in the form of solar boats. The Turanor PlanetSolar is one such catamaran that as the name suggests generates power from built-in solar panels to allow clean and green commutation. Featuring six lithium-ion batteries that receive constant energy through solar panels during the day, the solar boat can move for around 72 hours even in complete darkness. Measuring 35 meters in length, the $13 million catamaran is the largest solar boat available in the market.

Solar Bikini:

Solar Bikini

When talking about solar panels, beachwear may appear something unusual for many, but not for Andrew Schneider who has developed a solar-panel bikini that can power portable gadgets while tanning your body on the beach. Dubbed the iKini, the solar bikini comes with a USB port to charge your portable electronic devices like cell phones, iPods and cameras. The Brooklyn-based designer also plans to create solar swimming shorts for men that will chill beer to keep them cool in sunny weather.

Breaking the set conventions, more and more designers and scientists are coming up with some unique products to harness solar power and set new trends in sustainable energy.

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