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University of Barcelona develops innovative wind prospecting system

An innovative wind prospecting system has been designed by the faculty of the University of Barcelona. The system specially designed for marine environments is based on a hot air balloon that has a module with the meteorological sensors. These sensors help keep track of the magnitude and strength of the wind, regardless of the position of the balloon.

wind prospecting system

The concept is developed by Andriy Lyasota, a Russian aeronautical engineer pursuing his master’s degree in energy engineering and is being coordinated by Bernat Codina, a lecturer at the Department of Astronomy and Meteorology. The prototype prepared by them allows transfer of data through a Wi-Fi connection to a monitoring unit located on land. The sensors module is integrated with collision lights that keep it suspended in the sir permanently. In fact the balloon can withstand wind speed of 150km/h, thanks to its design that shapes it like a saddled seabream. It rises to a height of 150 meters with the help of a cable that hold 600 kilos.

We are well aware that wind energy will mainly be developed for marine environments in the future. And, although meteorological towers have been installed along with other measurement systems even in the past; the huge investments they require makes them less lucrative. The system of a floating balloon proposed will significantly reduce costs, thus it become the more particle choice for tomorrow.

Via: Ubnews

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