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Five unconventional uses of solar power

Five Unconventional uses of solar power

Solar power is used for operating a number of gadgets that we use every day. They not only help in energy conservation, but are also a safe and economic way to reduce our electrical expenses. Solar power is researched to use for many other purposes as well. We will be able to conserve a lot of our natural resources and energy and use them for our daily needs. Here are some unconventional ways to make use of solar power.

1. Solar Powered Pope Mobile

Solar Powered Pope Mobile

Pope mobiles have been used ever since Pope John Paul 11 was attacked. These bullet proof vehicles ensure the safety of the Pope while he makes public appearances in front of a mob. Considering the number of appearances that a Pope makes and the amount of natural resources that is wasted with the use of the Mercedes Benz that is currently being used for the purpose, Pope Benedict XVI recently expressed his desire to replace the gas powered Mercedes mobile to something more energy efficient. He suggested a Pope mobile that is solar powered so that the vehicle does not have to be fueled with gas and a lot of money can be thus be saved on the usage of natural resources like petrol. Though this is just an idea and is yet to be executed, it is nevertheless a great idea that can be worked on and implemented without much effort.

2. Solar powered airplane

Solar powered airplane

A solar powered plane would be a great idea considering the amount of gas that can be saved from such a venture. Flying would also become much cheap and economical with the use of solar energy. Researchers have been breaking their brains to come up with such a plane for seven years and finally in early 2010, the world’s first solar powered plane was inaugurated. Nicknamed as Solar Impulse, it works entirely on solar energy and is designed to fly all around the world. It took its first flight around the Swiss countryside. It is powered with 12,000 cells that are solar powered and could carry on for 87 minutes at which time it fly at an altitude of 4000 feet.

3. Solar powered apartment complex

Solar powered apartment complex

Solar powered apartments would be a great addition to our everyday life and there are a number of things that we can do with the power available in the apartments and if implemented on a large scale will help reduce the power consumption to a minimum, thereby reducing the cost of living as well.

This photovoltaic building of the Berlin Twin Towers apartment block produces 25.000 kWh of solar power in a year by covering 426 square meters of space of the southern face which is 70 meters in total. The electricity generated from the sun is fed back into the grid, thereby reducing the operating cost of the entire apartment building tremendously. The residents of this building are hugely benefited as they have to pay much less by way of maintenance cost and are also relieved of the huge electricity bills which they would have to shoulder otherwise.

4. Solar Powered Tacos

Solar Powered Tacos

Street vendors are many and they have a hard time cooking with charcoal or natural gas which is much more expensive and which will again reduce their profit considerably. The solar powered taco could greatly benefit them and reduce their cost of cooking which will in turn help us get cheaper and more energy efficient food that will save the planet as well.

Produced by a Swiss inventor, the solar powered taco works entirely on solar energy and food can be cooked without the use of fossil fuels. Seen in Mexico, the sun cooking stand is a great addition to energy conservation and green cooking. Let’s hope that it soon reaches our consumer shops for usage.

5. Solar Powered Wheelchairs

Solar Powered Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are the life and breath of disabled people and many of them have to either use their hand for moving them or some other means of energy for operating them. How about a solar powered wheel chair which is not only energy efficient, but also a huge help for those who are disabled and weak? This wheelchair was invented by Haider Taleb who was a polio victim since he was 4 years old. With funding from a renewable energy company in UAE, Taleb has undertaken a journey in his solar powered wheelchair in order to raise awareness about disability and sustainability.

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