Ultra-compact Camper Lotus offers a green drive for urban commuters

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Looking like a toy car out of a science fiction flick, the Camper Lotus has yet to see day light. Focusing on the needs of urban commuters, Designer Patty Yuan has tweaked Segway-like vehicle by making it a two-seater and a two-wheeler. Yeah and this one’s got a roof on top too to protect you from sun rain and wind. Intended for 2012, which just 4 years is from now, this roly-poly kinda vehicle is rechargeable and is balanced by gyroscope technology.

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For comfort, it offers customizable personal space both inside and out. you can hop in from the front as the door slides upwards.
camper lotus2 sREbX 5784
A must for over congested cities, this baby can swivel 360 degrees along a same vertical axis. And like a bike, a kick stand lets it stand freely and stably when not in motion.
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Its undersized footprint allows easy parking, and is rechargeable with household electricity. With zero emissions, it offers a means of helping to achieve cleaner air.