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Twin Trike concept lets you share your green efforts

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Eco Factor: Concept pedal-powered trike for two.

Designed by industrial designer Cikaric Dragan, the Twin Trike is a concept tricycle that can seat two individuals. The concept has been designed for those who love to share their green efforts with their family or friends. All the controls of the tricycle are operated by the front rider, while the tricycle features two transmissions to ease the commute.

twin trike 2

Most of the parts of the trike are to be made from carbon-fiber making the concept extremely lightweight and durable. When turning the trike offers enhanced balance and safety by enabling the riders to move with the body frame in the desired direction. The concept will also be equipped with headlights and signal lights for night riding.

twin trike 3

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Via: Tuvie

  • How can I find out more about the Twin Trike by Industrial Designer Cikaric and whether it is, or will be, available on the market.
    Love the design, would love to put it through its paces and believe it sports great potential for those who are in some way impaired (eg vision, age etc).

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