Turning to solar power to light up lives in rural India

The rural India that was till now using kerosene lamps to light up their homes at night are on the zenith of an electricity upheaval as a Bangalore based company has been installing tools to provide solar power in these houses that do not have an access to electricity. Across the world these solar units and biomass generators make power easily accessible to more people.

Farmers Foil Utilities Using Cell Phones to Access Solar

This transformation comes as a great revolution in electricity and opens up huge opportunities to customers, who will find themselves trading power in the near future. These solar power units can be recharged with the help of mobile phones.For cutting down electricity costs in the developing areas, on the one hand, cooperatives are building generators and distributing electricity, and on the other hand, information technology and phone companies are helping consumers reduce their power consumption. It is even possible that within a few years, installing photovoltaic panels may become comparatively cheaper than purchasing power from national gridiron in many parts of the world. This change over of power generation is catching the attention of many companies from other industries as well.

Change from grid power to solar power will be the best wayforward for nations where solar energy is abundant and there is plenty of existing pressure on grid power. Germany is one of the biggest maker of solar panels and it already offers huge subsidies to those who turn to solar power from national grid power. India can also strive to do the same and pave its way to prosperity.

Via: Bloomberg