Tree of Life – An ecological skyscraper that helps in clean energy generation

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Green designs generally incorporate natural elements to some degree, but this ingeniously naturalistic conception looks forth to replicate nature itself! The aptly named Tree of Life is a unique proposition for an organic, sustainable skyscraper for open mines throughout the world. It will basically be designed as a self reliant ecosystem in itself, where inhabitants can work and live, in a bid to generate further enhanced levels of sustainability.


Analogous to a tree, the ‘root’ or base will have a power station for production of geothermal energy along with an underground water purification plant. The main body or the ‘stem’ will be imbued with two different yet intertwined building elements for structural stability. The upper levels of the stem will house the main public area composed of administrative, recreational and educational zones. The floors will be conveniently inter-connected by pneumatic elevators on all levels. Moreover the whole building will feature numerous overhanging pod like terraces, which will act as agricultural greenhouses. Additionally, they will also integrate solar panels and wind turbines for clean energy generation.

Source: eVolo