Travelodge to build an eco friendly recyclable hotel

recyclable hotel
Pack up your things and move! Yes, we move from hotel to hotel and find ourselves lost in the ‘Lonely Planet’, but have you ever heard of a hotel packing up and moving, I hope not, then here it is. If it holds true, then the British hotel chain Travelodge is building a hotel, strictly if we go by their words, which is going to be the first eco-friendly ‘recyclable’ hotel. They are planning to build this entire building with imported Chinese crate-like containers. These crates will be put in stacks and securely tied with bolts. This also allows for these parts to be packed and sent to some different location to be built there again. Really portable! This eco-friendly hotel will be an 8-storied building with about 120 rooms. This hotel will resemble any ordinary hotel building. This will allow building hotels at required places where travelers crowd are supposed to hit for specific occasions. So, the hotel authorities expect to be ready with these kind of eco-friendly hotels to meet demands anytime, say for festive season or specific sport seasons. By 2012 Olympics, Travelodge, with this particular stunt, hopes to be the largest hotel operator in London The journey begins! Not only yours but your hotel as well is all set to move with you. Now, if I dare say, who is afraid to write a travelogue on Travelodge! Via: Thoughts on global warming