Toshiba’s new copier machine can completely erase printing on paper

Paper has certainly alluded to a comprehensive medium through which much of humanity’s ideas, cultures, religions, laws and even businesses have been propagated. However, the anachronistic technology fueling paper making has always remained pollution intensive. In this regard, Toshiba Tec has embarked on an ardently sustainable endeavor, where printed paper can be reused for further printing. How so? Well, their fascinating technology entails the complete erasing of existing printed text on a paper, thus making the paper ‘brand new’ for future usage.

Toshiba demonstrates revolutionary Copier

Their intriguing system is to be infused within modified copier machines for collective convenience of the office users. In fact, the special contraption in this case would utilize an advanced color erasable toner. So, when the printed paper passes through this modified device, the printing completely disappears, thus making the page fully blank to be reused time and again.

According to the scientists, their unique technology is based on the same principle as the FriXion Ball line of erasable ball point pens and highlighters from Pilot. Moreover, the color erasing mechanism can also scan, thus helping in the saving of soft copies of the previously printed data. In fact, for efficiently improving upon the expansive scope of things, the progressive system would automatically sort out the pages that can be effectively ‘cleaned’.

However, beyond the entire hullabaloo over saving and recycling paper, it should be duly noted that the technology is still in development. The scientists are actually looking forth to release its viable, commercial form in the winter of this year. And, in a related project, Toshiba Tec can certainly ‘wipe the slate clean’ by creating a color version of this modified copier machine, in the near future.

Via: AkihabaraNews