Thrive concept bike – A sleek and stylish hybrid ride

thrive hybride concept bike

Eco Factor: The concept bike has optional zero emission electric motors.

Designer Michael Luzar’s Thrive concept bike is one more solution to the energy crisis and increasing carbon footprint among many others. The bike has been designed to provide efficient and green performance without compromising on style. It’s a hybrid bike, having optional electric motors other than petrol engine and this, of course, solves the problem for those who want to take long distance journeys. For short distance travel inside the city, the user can rely on electric motors. It’s still hard to rely on batteries for a long distance journey, as the present batteries doesn’t hold enough charge. The concept is proposed for 2015 and we can hope that better batteries will be available in between to make it entirely an electric ride.

thrive hybride concept bike 2

Further, the bike is single seat concept, and special attention has been paid to outer looks so that aesthetic aspect could make it more adorable. The mechanical parts are all hidden inside the outer body and design looks sleek and clean. Carbon fiber and aluminum are the main materials used in the construction to keep it light.

thrive hybride concept bike 3

thrive hybride concept bike 4

thrive hybride concept bike 5

thrive hybride concept bike 6

thrive hybride concept bike 7

Via: Behance