Things to keep in mind before hiring a remodeling contractor

The single trades like carpentry can prove to be insufficient in performing the multitude of tasks that are necessary in remodeling of the home. In these situations, the services of remodeling contractors can prove beneficial as they can perform a plethora of tasks for the homeowners. The home remodeling contractors employ a wide variety of materials in their projects and can offer many designs to choose from. Therefore, the scope and extent of remodeling project can be increased by hiring a remodeling contractor.

Remodeling Contractor

1. Hiring the contractor

The remodeling contractor is responsible for proper completion of all the major tasks associated with a remodeling project. Some of these tasks are obtaining required permits, hiring of other professionals and proper supervision of the operations that are conducted on the operation site. Some homeowners try to do all the associated tasks of the home remodeling project themselves but because of their in-experience and in-expertise end up in getting problems that are be difficult to solve by the professionals also. You can deal with the hired remodeling contractor and can get your home remodeling project done in a more perfect manner.

2. Knowing the project details

By knowing the home remodeling project details more thoroughly and specifically, you will be able to avoid any confusion that can arise during your meet with the remodeling contractor. The contractors should also be provided all the details in a precise manner so that they can decide whether they are the right company for the job or not. A home owner may in reality want the sink and toilet replacement but can ask for ‘bathroom remodeling’. This job can be done by a handyman also and therefore the more expensive and extensive services of remodeling contractor are not required. A home owner might be looking to install a new shower and bathtub in the bathroom and would be in need of a carpenter and a plumber for doing the installation and for doing the pipe work respectively.

It is very beneficial to know whether the job requires the services of remodeling contractor or not. The simple jobs can be performed by other tradesmen. This will help in reducing expenditure and will help in saving time as well.

3. Estimating the price

It is very important for both the homeowner and the contractor to judge the projects on various parameters like cost and time. The homeowner might want the project to completed in a given time frame. In such scenario the remodeling contractor should make necessary changes to his schedule as well. For example, the electrician or the plumber would have to give some extra time and efforts for completing the remodeling project in the given deadline period. If they have a busy schedule then the contractor might have to spend a bit more for engaging them work in accordance with the project schedule. This can increase the cost of the project,

The material requirement should also be met for completion of the remodeling project. There are situations because of which the price of the materials can rise. For example, the cost of plywood and the framing studs increased in Canada because of the hurricanes that occurred in Florida during the 1990’s.

The remodeling contractor is the coordinator and supervisor of the whole remodeling project. He/she puts together the whole project and gets his/her share by charging a commission. For example, a bathroom remodeling project may cost around $10,000 (including the price of the material and wages of the tradesmen employed). The remodeling contractor may add to this a commission, say 15 percent or $1500 as his/her fee for supervising and coordinating the project from start to completion.

The home owner can save this 15 percent by doing the tasks of supervision and coordination himself/herself but the risks are many and he/she may also be inexperienced for the job. By employing the remodeling contractor, the whole project will be carried out in a more professional manner and your time and efforts will also be saved. In majority of the cases the total cost of the project includes the fees of the remodeling contractor. You will be able to avoid the unnecessary expenditures by planning the process well in advance. This will help you to save time as well.

4. Contract

Contracts are a part of the business activities.They are legally binding agreements that have to be followed by all the parties who are involved in a business deal. This holds true for the remodeling project as well. The contract has the details of all the rules, responsibilities and pricing terms and conditions that the homeowner and the remodeling contractor has to follow. The contract can also provide the home owners security from personal or financial loss because of bad work or from accidents and injuries that might occur on the site.

A contract should spell all the details of work and price in a clear manner so that there is no confusion between the two parties involved. A good contract has details like names, addresses and contact information of the parties involved; all the necessary contract documents; description of various projects and responsibilities; deadlines and penalties; terms of payment and payment plans, terms of utilities and washroom facilities providence to the workers like whether the workers can use the existing home toilets or the contractor will bring in portable toilet; warranties given by the contractor; the work standards that are set for judging the jobs; insurance for damage and personal injury, etc.


Clear identification of job requirements will help in easy carrying out and completion of the project. The terms of the contract can also be modified according to the situations, which will require the consent of all the parties involved. The homeowner can also get involved during the remodeling process and get the modifications done as per his/her desires. This can also help in generation of new ideas. One should be careful and vigilant during the process as the remodeling sites can be accident prone.