The world of dry-cleaning goes green with new technology!


We all love the feel of crisp clothes that come in from dry cleaners. Have you ever realized that you are contributing to the environmental hazard each time you send your garments for dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning uses non-water-based solvents to remove dirt and stains from clothes. Perchloroethylene, the chemical that is commonly used in the modern dry cleaning process is classified as a hazardous air contaminant by the EPA. Women who work in such dry-cleaners are more likely to have miscarriages than women in other professions.

Well, times are changing and people are waking up to the fact that they need to use more environmentally friendly products to prevent the hazards of dry cleaning. One company that has taken the lead is Lake City Cleaners based in Evanston which claims to be the first company in the world to use Solvair, a biodegradable natural solvent which does not release any emissions.

How is Solvair a better option?

No pre-spotting required:
The Solvair cleaning process removes the majority of stains automatically in the cleaning machine. As a result, pre-spotting is eliminated and post-spotting is greatly reduced.

Non hazardous waste: The wastes produced by the Solvair process are not classified as hazardous. In the interests of environmental responsibility, however, all process waste will be handled through professional waste disposal methods.

Minimizes green house effect: The CO2 used in the process has been reclaimed from other manufacturing processes; so, it does not add to green house gas formation.

Less waste and maximized reclamation of process fluids: Most of the Solvair cleaning fluid and CO2 is recovered, recycled and reused. So, the loss rates are significantly lower than most dry cleaning technologies.

Whites are whiter: The technology makes the whites whiter and colored clothes brighter!

This is a bit expensive when compared to the normal dry cleaners. You pay a dollar more for each item; but it’s nothing when compared to the contribution you are making to the environment.