The Rhoades Car gets a makeover, courtesy Bicycle Forest

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Bicycle Forest, an American group that promotes bicycles and other human-powered vehicles as a means of transportation, have just invested in a vehicle to promote their new BikeCAD software. It’s a Hummer! Now, before you raise a cynical eyebrow, hear me out—the Rhoades Car is a zero-emission, peddle powered vehicle, making it a perfect choice for the group.

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Despite its obvious performance hiccups, the Rhoades Car is the most fuel-efficient, eco-friendly car on the road. With compound transmissions of up to 42 gears, each vehicle is equipped with a butterfly-shaped steering wheel, marine grade vinyl seats and molded black mag wheels—just the bare minimum as you can see from the pic above.

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However, in order for the car to be a worthy company vehicle and a billboard for BikeCAD, several changes were in order. Bicycle Forest’s initial idea for the vehicle was the Hummer, a huge gas-guzzling SUV. With this in mind they welded together a chromoly (chromium-molybdenum) steel frame that resembles a pickup truck and wrapped it with 30-gauge galvanized steel, giving their Rhoades Car the look of a Hummer. A bright shade of John Deere yellow was chosen and sprayed all over the new frame along with the company logo. And finally, the finishing touches include a Plexiglas windshield, 55W headlights, LED tail lights and rear view mirrors, and a set of aftermarket hubcaps. Despite adding an extra 138 lbs to the car, it looks better than ever before. Here’s to Bicycle Forest and Rhoades Car for their brilliant eco-friendly ideas.

Here’s a public service announcement they made using their souped-up Rhoades Car.

Via: Bike Forest