The million beads eco friendly washing machine

Xeros with the help of research conducted at the University of Leeds has taken the world by a surprise. The company has walked into uncharted territory with a new washing machine that depends upon 1.3 million nylon balls for work. These washing machines use small polymer balls filled in the washer drum as cleaning agents.

The foundation of traditional washing

1.3 million tiny beads

It is observed that using nylon balls as cleaning agents has a similar effect on clothes like beating the garment on a rock near a river. This forms the foundation of the concept of the Xeros’s million-bead eco friend washing machine.

It was discovered in the research being conducted in the University of Leeds, that polymer beads have the excellent ability to absorb nearly anything. This made the designers realize that they can use these balls as cleaning agents as they will readily absorb dirt and stains from the clothes.

1.3 million tiny beads


The washer drum of the washing machine is filled with 1.3 million beads, which when mixed with water, extract stains and dirt from garments. These tiny beads exit the drum of the washing machine through small holes while the washing cycle is on. These tiny beads can be reused for nearly 500 wash cycles. Xeros aims to make this experience of washing a relishing one. Therefore, they supply their very own detergent powder to provide the best washing results.

Environmental benefits

Xeros  2

This washing device is indeed environmental friendly. Chad Hanson, the regional vice president of the Whitman group installed three machines in his hotels. According to the statements made by him, Xeros’s the washing machine uses 30 gallons of water for washing purposes that is far less than 115 gallons of water otherwise used by traditional washing machines.

The only thing that goes against these machines is the huge size that makes them unfit for the residential use. However, technologies are being adopted to convert it to smaller sizes for residential adoption, which will make everyday living more sustainable. This in indeed a smart move for the company as well as they have placed themselves in comfortable positions against the inevitable increase in the water fees.

Environmental concerns cannot be overlooked and innovations such as the Xeros’s have proved that it is possible to adopt eco friendly measures in our daily ways of life.


Technological advents are the need of the hour to provide sustainable options for the world to adopt. Today, sustainable development has become one the prime focuses.