The Last Resort – Solar-powered floating homes for urban nomads

the last restort 1

Eco Factor: Sustainable floating homes powered by solar energy.

RAFAA Architecture & Design have recently won a competition organized by Internationale Bauausstellung in Germany with a futuristic floating home dubbed “The Last Resort”. The win and adequate funding will make sure that the team beings fabrication on these sleek floating homes by the end of this year.

the last restort 2

The Last Resort is about 5 meters wide and 15 meters long with two levels. The sleeping units and other mechanical equipment needed to propel this home on the waves are placed on the lower level, while the upper level provides space for living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms.

the last restort 3

The facades feature vertical blinds that not only shade the interiors from direct sunlight but also offer adequate privacy for the occupants. Stairs lead to the roof, which apart from serving as an extra deck, is equipped with solar panels that generate electricity for two electric engines that propel the home.

the last restort 4

the last restort 5

Via: Inhabitat