The coolest green wheels on the block

quadcyclemk2 large 1333
I don’t know where you stand on bi/tri/quad cycle innovations but as far as I’m concerned, I absolutely love anything that offers a good workout and cuts down on emissions. That’s why I love this Mk2 Quad-Cycle. It’s green, clean and lets you and a friend burn that vicious thigh fat while you lug your fat behind to work or the grocery store. The green set of wheels require next to no balancing while synchronized pedaling makes light work of the physical effort involved. I especially love the cute luggage carrier at the back which would let you store your backpacks, grocery and shopping bags conveniently. And don’t think this quad cycle is an ancient piece of technology either. The Mk2 features hydraulic disk brakes in the front and rear with twin pot piston and braided hoses as well as an effective rack-and-pinion steering system that lets you stay steadily on course. With dazzling alloy steering wheels and chain guards, motorcycle tyres, galvanized steel frame and chain guards, adjustable seats and a brake lever with parking option, the Mk2 is quite an eye catcher as well while the option fiber glass roof canopy, 5 speed Shimano SIS gears, seatbelts and an electric assist kit make it a truly versatile modern drive.
Price: £950
Source: Tricycle Sales