The Brelli: World’s first biodegradable umbrella

the worlds first biodegradable umbrella

I was wondering if I could buy some chic umbrella to match my beautiful ivory gown for a friend’s wedding. Being eco conscious, I didn’t really have an option until I bumped into Jussara Lee in NYC. They had a beautiful white coloured umbrella which they vouched was world’s first 100% biodegradable umbrella.

The handle and frame are made from bamboo (sustainably harvested of course!) and the canopy made from an innovative bio plastic (it is certified that the plastic, made from renewable resources, is totally biodegrade in landfill environment in one to two years). A normal umbrella would take hundred of years for a traditional umbrella to breakdown. What really caught my eye was the fact that 90% of the energy used to create Brelli could actually be paid back if the gases released during the degrading process could be harvested to generate electricity.

Brelli, is sturdy and large which reminds of beautiful parasols that women in the Far East and South East Asia use to keep sun at bay. Designed by NYC based style guru, Pamela Zonsius, this eco chic umbrella might just become the next best thing in fashion accessory.

It’s available at Fred Siegel, Zero Minus Plus and Jussara Lee in New York in two versions; 37″ diameter version for $28 and a large 52″ diameter version for $38. I am all for this ‘style punch’ it is unique and different and above all eco friendly.

Via: Meta Efficient