Teens convert pizza boxes into solar-powered ovens

solar pizza boxes

The most effective way to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance environmental sustainability is to reach out to the newer and younger generations and help them realize the ecological cause. Delivering the eco friendly message in a fun way will definitely yield better results than to be preachy or boring. What better way than to combine a free pizza party with solar cooking and add in great enthusiasm. Well, effectively a group of students in New York city have exactly found out this easier fun way of reaching out the greener mode of cooking to the masses.

With pizzas being the hot favorites of the young as well as older groups, a group of students from Brooklyn’s James Madison and Edward R. Murrow high schools have targeted an easy green method of catching the eye of all and that without being preachy. They have designed a greener mode of making your own pizza not in an electric oven but in solar-powered pizza boxes. Off to flaunt their new found secret in the streets of Manhattan, NYC, these green ovens or pizza boxes, they claimed can heat up to 200-degrees on a hot day which is more than required to cook a pizza.

Better than burning away fossil fuel at home these pizza boxes designed by the students are covered with tin foil and are completely safe for the food to get cooked evenly with no fear of getting burnt. The effort initiated by these students to spread the green awareness is worth mentioning more than the outcome as such warm participation and enthusiasm is not to get easily lost in a crowd of busy minds. It is generally observed that young minds with their purchasing patterns, life-style choices and networks with schools, universities, clubs, and sports can influence a wider world and influence communities, companies and countries to a greater cause that needs immediate attention and significance. And who knows with a steady rise in the prices of conventional fuels we might try out these handy green cooking boxes the next time the sun seems too bright for an outdoor pizza party.

Via: Gothamist