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Team Phantom: Living up to the challenge with their modified Aerodynamic Speed Vehicle

The specially designed aerodynamic speed vehicle was able to live up to the expectations of team Phantom. The team led by its manager Tim Corbett was able to secure the first place in the competition, thereby establishing the supremacy of team Phantom in this challenging event.The power testing trials showed that power from the driveline was being lost. The lower bodywork was redone to fix up the problem. Various driveline set ups were tested,rollers were purchased from various manufacturers across the globe and tested with self fabricated rollers.

Team Phantom Winners

This helped team Phantom to reduce the driveline drag by about 20 watts. This means a lot when it comes to winning professional competitions. A few minor adjustments were also made to prepare for the big day. These included minor adjustments in body fit. The nose was lifted slightly, thus providing team Phantom significant ground clearance.

Minor adjustments in weight were also undertaken, thus reducing the overall mass by about one and a half kg.

Apart from the above mentioned changes nothing much was altered and other components were pretty similar to the previous Phantom bikes. The internal flow arrangement was kept similar to the previous bikes team Phantom had used. The dual lid was similar to the one used during 2009 and 2010.

Training was a vital part that contributed to team Phantom winning the event. It was ensured that all the team members spent some significant time training on the team bikes. The Melbourne based team members were made to practice on S-Chair back from Ben Harnetty.

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