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TCOOTER: An urban scooter designed for Indian roads

Designers are coming up with really cool concept creations and some of these seem to be not just cool to look at and ponder over, but also pretty practical in their design. The TCOOTER from Eric Han does seem like a design that can be easily turned into a production model using the current technology on offer. The idea is to create a scooter which will integrate the specially crafted ‘Tires+Wheels’ from Michelin that are called Tweels and they seem to offer an extra bit of cushion to the vehicle that will allow the designer to do away with a separate suspension for the vehicle.

TCOOTER = TWEEL + Scooter by Eric Han

Considering how Eric wants this vehicle to be running on Indian roads (though why only there is still something of a mystery to us), it might not be the best idea to design a vehicle that lacks suspension and even while the Tweels and the bridge-like structure of the frame make up for that, it still is a bit of a stretch knowing Indian roads. The one big feature of the TCOOTER is the ability to detach the engine from the vehicle easily and this allows you to use it as a separate motor, if and when you need it.

The concept looks practical and workable, but how much of a hit it would really be is a bit of a doubt. Not many might really buy a scooter with features that offer little else than a visible lack of suspension and while the use of ‘Tweels’ is something we do like, maybe a few more tweaks will help make the TCOOTER a lot more appealing.

Via: Tuvie

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