Taurus – A scaled-up self-balancing Segway powered by clean energy


Eco Factor: Concept vehicle powered by electricity.

We’ve reported about some pretty weird vehicles in the past too, and here comes another one for you. This weird machine has been designed by Erik Lanuza, who thinks that the only way to get rid of the traffic problem is to design vehicles that are compact and clean. Dubbed the Taurus, the vehicle has been designed as a modern Segway that according to some makes you feel like riding a bull.

taurus  2

When driven, the vehicle balances on two wheels and turns when the driver leans to one side, while for braking the driver has to lean backwards. The Taurus concept has been developed to be powered by electricity for zero-emissions.

taurus 8

taurus  4

taurus 5

taurus 5 6

taurus 5 9

taurus 7

Via: AtCrux/Jalopnik