Target assembles ‘The Avengers’ out of repurposed products

Target Corporation has come up with an innovative concept with its ‘A Superhero in Every Aisle’ ad campaign that features characters from Marvel’s ‘The Avengers.’ The superheroes have been built out of various objects sold in all its stores. Aside from the regular products, action figures and repurposed items including Dr. Pepper cans, light bulbs, pencils and thermoses have also been used.

The Avengers Assembled out of Repurposed Items for Target Ad Campaign

The ad campaign features all of The Avengers superheroes with the exception of Black Widow and Nick Fury. The figurines have been intricately assembled with emphasis being laid on creating a strong resemblance with the actual characters. Iron Man has been created using pencils, headlights, Dr. Pepper cans and many toys, while Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, has been made using more Dr. Pepper cans, a toaster, radio, toys, dumbbell and a thermos. The Hulk’s hands and Captain America’s shield, meanwhile, have been assembled using common items along with action figures calculatedly placed in various positions. Wieden and Kennedy of Portland have produced the superhero models that include Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America.

Through the ad campaign, Target has succeeded in combining creativity with intelligence by using mostly repurposed products. Of course, many of the items and objects are brand new, which in a way does defeat the purpose to an extent. However, a majority of the objects have been used keeping in mind the importance of preserving the environment and maintaining its health.

With only a few weeks to go before the release of The Avengers movie on the big screen, Target’s ‘A Superhero in Every Aisle’ ad campaign was being promoted in the most ingenious fashion and is likely to earn it due publicity. Now, the only thing left is for Marvel fans to buy tickets for the highly anticipated movie, which looks set to create ripples at the box office.

Via: Treehugger