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Tapping into the drainage: Hot wastewater turned into a viable energy source

When we think alternate sources of power, we think of solar and wind power. And if pushed, we tend to think of tidal power and hope that clean energy generating ideas like a hydrogen fuel cell will take over in the coming decade or so. But not many of us give a thought to geothermal energy. The huge amount of heat that is contained within the earth’s crust and comes from the core that drives this planet on. But how about tapping into another source of energy that is much like geothermal power, but is actually available far more widely and is a lot more easily accessible?

sewage as geothermal energy

Chinese researchers at Jin Da Di Energy Engineering & Technology Co. have developed a new way of capturing heat from all the hot wastewater that goes down the drain each day at your home. Hot water obviously runs out into the sewer system from showers, washing machines and various other processes that are both domestic and industrial. While the water may not be useful to us till it gets out of a treatment plant again, the heat that it still carries is definitely something that you can tap into.

And that is exactly what the Chinese have done by using a system of extractors which will filter out the waste from the water and then use this hot water using a series of pipes that allow them to use this water for both heating and cooling needs of various buildings and installations. The technology has already been successfully used in apartments, hotels and even a train station at Beijing and companies from across the globe are already showing great interest in this new green energy option. NovaThermal Energy LLC from the US has already taken it up and others from across the world seem to be ready to join in on the technology that will turn hot gray water into green energy.

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