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Plugging the holes in LEED certification to make it better

LEED is the green home certification system created and employed by the Green Business Council of USA. It is often criticized for not having proper mechanisms or taking the apt measures for keeping a tab on the level of energy usage over a long period of time. The system offers the LEED certification to a building based on the apparent performance, architecture and fixtures but does not consider the ways in which the residents use the building.

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States that give best incentives on electric car purchase

Electric car purchase is a bundle of advantages. To start with, the list of benefits, the cut on fuel costs is the foremost benefit one can see in the electric car use. Secondly, you will get to take pride on your electric car drive for not releasing those carbon emissions into the ozone. However, to mention the downside of these cars, their initial price is much expensive than the normal cars. For instance, the Chevrolet Volt has a price greater than a BMW; the Nissan Leaf is pricey than larger, and so on.

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Excellent eco-friendly alternatives for company transportation

Corporate organizations and businesses use their own fleet to transport employees and clients from one place to another. Many companies provide pick and drop services for employees who work till wee hours and find it hard to get vehicles for traveling back to their home. The fume of diesel and petrol contributes to the global pollution and increases carbon emissions. By cutting down the use of petrol and diesel and inventing greener ways for company transport we can reduce global pollution to some extent. Research is going on regarding this matter and scientists are striving hard to build eco-friendly vehicles for company transportation to make this world a greener and safer place. Meanwhile some companies have understood the importance of using eco-friendly transportation and come up with alternatives. Some of these alternatives are simply unique but some others are on the verge of being called bizarre. Four amazingly eco-friendly and innovative company transportation alternatives are discussed in the following.

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Opinion: thrifting is a fun and Eco friendly alternative to retail shopping

Why should we choose thrifting over retail shopping?

Some big brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Converse, GAP, Walmart and Nike practice unethical labour. When we buy new cloths from department stores, the money we spend helps oiling a giant money of an industry or paying the underpaid workers in foreign countries. But every time we buy a used, second hand garment, the demand for new clothing production is pushed down. This is benefiting for many reasons, the biggest one being that clothing production is very taxing on the environment. The 21st century cloths are usually made up of synthetic materials. They take up a lot of energy, uses petroleum and harms the environment as they give out toxic gases and the by products are toxic chemicals.

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BMW ActiveE

BMW ActiveE

Overview: Introduce the vehicle in detail (120-150 words).

BMW’s new 1-series-coupe-based ActiveE is an electric car. Active E doesn’t have an engine but has a motor. The space of the engine has been utilized by a huge battery pack which is a actually equivalent to a size of a big luggage bag. This is vehicle which has been launched after MINI E under the BMW’s group project i. This all electric BMW Active E was tossed to the public at the North American International Auto Show. This show was conducted in January 2010 in Detroit. The four seater rear wheel drive started is field testing in early this year in United States. This mega city automobile will be launched in the market in 2013 under the new BMW i sub brand.

Features: Discuss the features of the vehicle.

The electric wonder BMW Active E is being described as an electronaut by its test users. This eco wonder has a 32 Kwh lithium-ion battery pack with a range of 100 miles (160 kms). This car will keep you on the go as you can stay connected and informed using your iPhone via the free BMW app for Active E to get information related to charging stations nearby or the current battery status and more. The app can also help you control the climate of your car – heating and air conditioning mechanisms. Increasing the efficiency of your batteries, BMW Active E can be charged practically from anywhere anytime using a normal socket. What more? You can have your own charging station by installing a wallbox With power consumption equivalent to an electric cooker; this feature can provide you with energy on the move. With a complete charge within 4-5 hours, the high voltage batteries are one of the best technologies available today. The strategic position of batteries under the bonnet gives helps lower the center of gravity in Active E. On days when heavy traffic is a cause of worry, this will give you some relief as it a one pedal drive in heavy traffic

Variants: Write the names of the cars only; no description required.


Design: Discuss the design part of the vehicle (130-150). Discuss the exterior components and the exterior design thoroughly.

The aerodynamics play an important role in the design of the BMW Active E as great attention has been laid on the aerodynamically optimized curves of the car’s body. The silver blue stickers add a touch of BMW appeal to the vehicle. The stickers flowing through the curvy body help in exemplifying the circuits of the electronic Active E. The LED accent lights along with special air inlets in the front reduce the air turbulence on the front. This also adds to the aerodynamic nature of this eco car.

Performance: Tell about the engine type, power, transmission/gearbox, top speed, 0-100km/h and all other technical details.

BMW’s Active E has an acceleration that is smooth, quick and linear. Cruising easily on the highway, this car takes 8.5 seconds to reach sixty miles per hour which is like 97 km/h and a top speed of 90 mph which is equivalent to 140 km/h. The EcoPro mode adds to its green attribute by shutting down the defrosters and playing a googly with the climate control to increase the efficiency by 10 percent. BMW 1 series coupe provides a base for the BMW Active E model. The driving pleasure combined with an advanced drive technology makes it a perfect choice for all the eco lovers. The rear wheel drive and balanced axle load supply offer a great driving pleasure. The three blocks of high voltage batteries which are placed where the engine compartment lies traditionally, are connected through high voltage cables and control the electric motor which is placed on the rear axle. These handmade batteries including rear axle and motor are preassembled by the engineers and offer a customary treatment to every model. Propelling 60 mph in 9 seconds, this BMW series will give you enough torque, about 184 lb-ft as soon as you pedal aloud. Using electricity from renewable resources, it helps in sustainable energy generation.

Price: give the price range (of the base model to top one available). No description required.

The model is being leased currently during the field testing period.

Interior: Discuss the interior part of the vehicle.

The interiors are as flashy as compared to the BMW 1 series coupe due to the Pearl Grey Dakota leather upholstery. The blue decorative stitching adds to the zeal. The four seater drive includes facilities like seat heating which can be adjusted to meet individual needs. The car display gives you enough room to maintain an optimum speed to achieve full range. The comfortable leather upholstery along with enough boot space makes it an ideal choice for joint trip excursions and every day shopping.

Comfort and safety: write about the comfort and safety it offers

The Active E is said to meet the safety requirements stated by its engineers. BMW Active E remains safe and current free even in state of a collision. Acceleration sensors of airbags, temperature requirements of batteries or the charge level – all these parameters are being tested for the final crash tests. In case of an emergency, the batteries are being programmed to get disconnected from the electrical supply and ensure that all modules are discharged immediately. Active E is as comfortable as the 1 series coupe. The four seats and two hundred liters of luggage space offers you great comfort and luxury along with convenience features that only an electric car is capable of.

Pros: Discuss the pros of the vehicle.

On days when heavy traffic is a cause of worry, this will give you some relief as it a one pedal drive in heavy traffic

Cons: Discuss the cons of the vehicle.

The electric motor being audible under load as comapared to its counterparts might disappoint some of its fans.

BMW i3


When one of the world’s most renowned automobile manufacturers says it want to design a car that is not only emission-free but sustainable as well, you know you’re in for a treat. In 2011, German automaker, BMW, lifted the wraps off the i3, an electric vehicle designed under the company’s Project i program. The venture seeks to target those living in megacities by offering them a solution to commute with ease. Mobility is the key here which is why the i3 is a compact vehicle designed to navigate through congested city streets and park more easily.

The urban electric i3 is slated to go into production in 2013. Fans of EVs can get to witness the compact car in all its glory come the 2013 London Summer Olympics. Incidentally, it will be the first EV by BMW to be mass produced owing to its electric powertrain and it will be interesting to see how it stacks up against other electric vehicles already in the market.


What buyers will like best about the four-seater i3 is the optional REx, a range extender that allows the car to go further on a single charge. This is crucial when designing an electric vehicle as all too often, customers are left unsatisfied with poor mileage that they can do little about in view of the low number of charging stations. The REx is a small petrol engine that drives a generator to maintain the battery’s charge level which in turn ensures that the i3 can continue running on electric power.

Another feature that stands out with the i3 is the roomy interior. This is all thanks to the placement of the battery which is in the underfloor section of the ‘Drive’ module. Owing to this, there is no center tunnel that cuts the car in half. Moreover, the i3’s ‘Life’ module provides easier access to seats which are placed on an elevated level and allows occupants a good view of the surroundings and traffic.


BMW i3, BMW i8


What makes the i3 unique is that it has been built specifically for urban citizens. With its compact size and modular structure, it allows for easy access, easy maneuverability and no emissions. The car is based on the automaker’s LifeDrive architecture, a design concept that is said to ensure safety and spaciousness. The Life module focuses on the occupants comfort to offer a cabin that is light and airy. Renewable materials make up a sizeable chunk of the interior like the paneling of the doors and the instrument panel which are built from natural fibers.

The Drive module focuses on the electric motor that drives the vehicle along with other internal workings that add to the performance aspect. Together, the two modules make up the whole with equal attention being given to both.

A look at the external design will show you a car that sports sharp and clean lines and a striking front end with its molded kidney grille. LED lights and U-shaped LED backlit lines give it a vibrancy not found in many other vehicles. The rear, meanwhile, has a retractable window for access to the cargo area. Like the headlights, the taillights are U-shaped and appear to be floating on the glass itself.


Like many electric vehicles, the i3 isn’t the most powerful. But that’s to be expected as the whole point of owning an EV isn’t to burn rubber but is more of a lifestyle choice. Still, the i3 is able to deliver a decent output of 170 hp and 184 lb/ft. And, like all EVs, it delivers maximum torque at 0 rpm. The electric motor is able to propel it from 0-37 mph in under four seconds and in under 8 seconds when going from 0 to 62 mph.

The i3 uses a single speed transmission that takes it to speeds of up to 93 mph. The electric drive allows for deceleration with the accelerator pedal and when the brakes are hit, the electric motor harnesses the resulting kinetic energy to turn it into electricity. Moreover, a ‘coasting’ mode of the i3 lets the vehicle run solely on kinetic energy as the driver eases off the pedal.

The EV can be charged in six hours using a standard electrical outlet and that figure can be reduced if it’s plugged into a high-speed charger, taking just an hour to charge the battery to 80 percent.


$35,000 for the i3 and around $160,000 for the i8


As per the LifeDrive architecture, the i3’s interior is designed for comfort. Full-width seat benches connect occupants, allowing them to converse and interact. In keeping with the light weight of the vehicle, the back of the slim front headrests feature a design that is delicate and almost airy. Blue straps run diagonally across the backrest to provide more storage space.

A freestanding steering column features various elements grouped together to offer easy access while cut-outs add to the airy ambience of the cabin.

Comfort and safety

BMW’s ConnectedDrive facility is incorporated in the i3 to give drivers assistance while on the go. This includes features such as Bluetooth audio streaming, internet via mobile phone and BMW apps and BMW live, to name a few in the entertainment department.

As for comfort, the i3 has active cruise control with start and stop, hands-free opening of the tailgate, no overtaking indication via a camera, surround view for a bird’s eye view of the vehicle’s surroundings and a teleservice diagnosis where BMW staff can help drivers when faults occur.

When it comes to safety, the i3 has it in spades. An Advanced Emergency Call feature relays information to the BMW call center if the vehicle has been in an accident which is then routed to the concerned emergency service department. Collision warning and lane change systems keep drivers focused on the road. In addition, the Night Vision with pedestrian recognition function allows users to drive safely at night.


Lightweight, safe, comfortable, seats four and is eco friendly


Less than 100-mile driving range

Eco Friendly Rickshaw coined as Eclipse

Eco Friendly Rickshaw

With the increasing congestion on roads and the resulting carbon footprint, we need next generation vehicles which are environment friendly too. Usage of ecofriendly materials like recyclable polyethylene can help in production of environment friendly automobiles. One such invention of a pedicab is being coined as Eclipse. This has been a great hit on streets of New York to the lanes of Shanghai.

Rickshaw is the primary mode of transportation in many South American and Asian countries. And this also makes it the source of livelihood for many people in these countries. Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue, he is the mastermind behind this high tech version of three wheeler. This vehicle makes its brand owners the trend setters as this is the future.

The innovative three wheeler is made of aluminum and recyclable polyethylene woven together to give it the requisite shape. It has a light weight structure with a curvy top woven in an insulated fabric. What’s more, adding to its green attribute hand stitched weather proof vinyl is used to create comfortable seating arrangements, combined with handlebars and headrests. Other user friendly and attractive features include bewildering indulgences like a cup holder on either sides or an Ipod docking station, a cooling fan along with cool set of speakers to keep your spirits high at all times and fully closable panels on all side. With elegance taking over Cobonpue’s design, it gives a clean green alternative to its modern day counterparts.

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US Army’s mammoth spy blimp readies for debut

Northrop Grumman has given a tentative schedule of the flight of the giant surveillance airship. This airship has been built for the United States army. The project is already running late by an year. The airship has the size of a football field, is filled with helium and has data links and sensors fro various purposes. The multiple-intelligence-capabilities vehicle having long endurance is likely to fly in the first or second week in the month of June over Lakehurst area of New Jersey. Northrop’s director of army programs, Mr. K. C. Brown Jr. has confirmed the reports by saying that they are about to fly the ship.

Mammoth Spy Blimp

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