Syzmo: First 100% organic energy drink


Here is an energy drink, but no simple one! It is certified 100% organic, to be the first such energy drink. The drink is free form any artificial colors and flavors. It too, does not contain any preservatives. Named Syzmo, organic blue agave nectar is used to sweeten it.

90% fructose sugars and 10% glucose sugars compose this nectar, because compared to granulated sugar, fructose is 42% sweeter to the human brain than. Hence, to achieve the same level of sweetness, much less of it is needed. In addition, fructose too, is not only easier to digest, but can also be easily used by your body compared to any other standard refined sucrose.

The ingredients guarana, yerba mate and caffeine in the drink enhance energy. You can grab a bottle of this organic drink at Wholes Foods, Exxon, and few other stores. You can also order for it online from Amazon.

Via: Goto Reviews