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Synthesis apartment building fuses traditional elements with modernistic features

When we consider the ‘worth’ of an architectural design, it is sometimes directly related to the location of the conception. In this case, we have the modernistic ‘Synthesis’ apartment blocks of Istanbul, and they are to be located along the magnificent Bosporus, the exalted ‘meeting point’ of Europe and Asia throughout our course of human history.

Synthesis in Istanbul'

In fact, the grandiose location is not only about the exotic side of affairs. Istanbul is one of the thriving metropolises of Eurasia, and hence it is not always easy to find secluded spots for a hassle free apartment style of living. However, regarding Synthesis, the designers have successfully incorporated a serene location with adequately peaceful ambiance and a scenic background overlooking the Bosporus.

Moreover, just like the juxtaposition of two celebrated cultures, the location attribute of the apartment also symbolizes its duality of design considerations. For example, the structure integrates both traditional and modern elements that coalesce to form a modern day building with vernacular values. A part of this fusion scheme alluding to Iznic ceramics, Ottoman divans and pile-less carpet was directly influenced by Turkey’s rich history, especially from the Ottoman era.

Finally, coming to Synthesis’s contemporary aspects, the architects have decided to go for a low carbon scope with minimal impact on the picturesque environment. This includes the incorporation of solar panels along the roof and backside of the apartment building for clean and green power generation.

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