Swimming pool to be warmed up with the heat produced by Computer Data Center

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In what can only be called a fine amalgamation of technology and common sense as well as work and recreation, this wonderful concept attempts to save truck loads of energy in the most uniquely creative way that one could think of. This cool idea comes from a really cool place and when I think of it right now, then you can rest assured that I would much rather be there than in the hot weather with which I’m struggling right now.

A data center in Switzerland is going to use the heat produced by its system and its peripherals to heat up a swimming pool so as to conserve energy. It is a very well know fact that the systems that we use produce a lot of heat and my own coolers work over time when in summer. Now that heat can be used to make sure that it serves some useful purpose and heats up your pool to the optimum temperature for your comfort.

A new computer center in Switzerland is going to have an additional job by using hot air thrown by servers and communication equipment to heat a local swimming pool next door. The heat would be funneled to the town pool in Uitikon, Switzerland, outside Zurich and will receive all the heat from the data center recently built by IBM Corp for GIB Services AG. The usually wasted heat is pumped outside while air conditioners struggle to keep the servers cool. Now that heat can be conserved and also this does away with extra wastage of energy. Talk about being innovative!