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Suzanne Jongmans creates beautiful artworks using recycled foam sheets

Art is about imitating what goes on around us and modern artists seem to be turning their attention towards the recycling and reuse movement that is around, in their own unique fashion. Adding a touch of modernity to the classic images of the 16th and 17th century, Netherlands artist, Suzanne Jongmans has created some stunning and beautiful works of art that look classic and timeless.

subjects clothed in foam packing sheets

This great artist using her extraordinary creativity has designed a series of portraits in the style of the Dutch Masters, creating the outfits out of soft foam sheets that are currently used for packing. If she works in collaboration with the artist who creates 15th century portraits that are designed using toilet paper and seat-covers, they will do wonders and collectively they will rule the a temporal world. Suzanne has been working on these series of “foam sculptures” that are made from materials, presently used for packaging and wadding. These sculptures include the entire attires, caps and collars that were enthused by the sixteen and seventeen century paintings, respectively. The foam sheets that are used to make these magnificent sculptures are often considered as inferior and are disposed of as waste and finally end up in the landfills. The artist by using this material not only rescues it but also puts it to use very efficiently. By doing so the artist lays emphasis on the rights of the consumers as far as price, quality and safety is concerned.

The idea here is to create a beautiful work of art that looks classic and aesthetically pleasing on the very first glance, but it goes on to spread the message of reduce, reuse and recycle. A lot of times packaging material is destined to the landfills and by creating awareness on the issue in a creatively beautiful fashion, the Dutch artist well and truly is doing her bit to help save the planet.

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