Sustainable Furniture Made From Agricultural Waste and Poop

Time is never static. It is alive and dynamic and is always involved in shaping creativity and innovation. Thinking out of box has always bought revolutions, and the entire history stands witness to this. Sometimes, such ventures are so subtle that they go unnoticed and unappreciated. What important is, however, that such initiations bear fruits and they do exist, or rather co-exist with the mainstream practices. One of the spectacular instances of such phenomena is sustainable furniture made from agricultural waste and poop!


The true harnessing…

Utilization of existing resources had gotten the need of late. The scarcity of energy have gone so demanding that keeping the future in view, no one does afford to just keep mum or let lavish shopping go endemic for the sake of mere vanity. Wastes and residues which are dumped and overlooked have an immense potential untapped. The intellects have been dwelling on energy harnessing from those. But how about furniture? Sounds bizarre? Well, this notion is worth focusing on. With inflation on hike, what can bring solace to the range of budgets is some type made of recycled process. In addition, these are eco friendly and going for them is definitely going to leave our surrounding phenomenally greener. Preference to those can bring down the demand of timber and metals which rely upon deforestation and mining, respectively. Both in their own ways degrade the planet, putting the future and the present at alarming risk. The organic byproducts can cater to carpenter needs well apart from being used as fodder and manure. The grafted weeds, sticks, discarded wood can be recollected and given new shapes, as per many environmentalists and scientists. Such products are immune to corrosion as in case of metals and resistant to white ants and pests, making them reliable always. They come with trendy looks and textures and give ample feeling of staying in tune with the nature to be perfectly happy and content so far as ethics are concerned. The natural tan look is becoming one of the most sought after in the high innovative furniture runway.

Making it another way…

Excrements have always been considered to be infernal and they are always frowned upon. People get distasteful even when the name is taken. However, since ancient times, people, mainly scientists and pheasants have used them as manures to increase productivity both qualitatively and quantitatively as they spectacularly enhance the soil fertility, supplementing essential nutrients. Today, however, they are meticulously blended with other waste products to engineer furniture that are creeping into the fashion of late. They are subjected to undergo chemical treatments to ward off presence of pathogens and finally they are given new shapes, thanks to the constructive human thinking abilities and innovations. The products come as stools, chairs, tea-tables and much more. Such organic products are increasing exponentially in demand among the new generation. In addition, many organic accessories are flexing their muscles and accompany their recycles counterparts, rendering perfect combination of aesthetics, intelligence and economy. Such items have risen right from the rural cottages and now are actively engaged in beautifying the urban atmosphere. They are easy to maintain.


Challenges are many. Transportation techniques of them are still in the pipeline. They are yet to catch the eyes of the mainstream media and the urban working-class. The middle class is yet to be made aware of availability of such option along with their advantages. And production of them is still in its infancy. The scientists however are very optimistic of them and see a very bright future when there is always a probability of hiked prices of general counterparts of them.