Sustainable construction reaches new heights with UAE on certified building

New heights reached by sustainable UAE buildings

UAE or United Arab Emirates is considered the most efficient sectors for the industries involved in construction. The experts have stated that, over the years, UAE has reached new heights of certified building. They also added that, UAE has reached the top spot in building certified developments. One of the renowned industries in the construction industry, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) has been the major player in developing different parts of UAE to the fullest. The CEO of LEED stated in one of the interviews that, UAE is a land of opportunities and they are working in the best possible manner to sustain the energy efficiency and provide platform for growth. The CEO also stated that, UAE is having the maximum numbers of building certified by LEED and they will soon go into Qatar and Saudi Arabia for making their presence.

The reasons for the prosperity

The experts from the real estate industry have stated that, UAE is advancing to greater heights because of various reasons. One of the basic reasons, which were stated by the experts, was the development of technology. The experts also stated that, the industries like LEED are working hard along with their team of experts so that they are able to provide the best of the best solutions for construction.

In addition, the support of the government officials has helped the construction industries in a new level. The associations of UAE along with the government have seen the positive aspects about the growth in UAE and because of which they have sanctioned different projects that would surely bring in prosperity. As the time is changing at a rapid pace, other countries are also willing to have the same opportunities. They are taking the example of development seen in UAE and are considering them for the same.

What are the future prospects?

With the concept of green buildings, countries like UAE are gaining majority in the market. LEED who has been the major player for the development of UAE buildings, have stated that, they have certified the buildings according to the standards, which are set as norms that are to be followed.

The CEO of LEEDS recently conducted a conference in which they discussed about the future prospects of UAE. In the conference, it was stated that, every person in the construction industry have understood the importance of green buildings which can help them to have a better future. In addition, the CEO of LEEDS stated that, they would be working on the growth prospects of UAE along with various other countries in the near future.