Little Sun: A cost effective, solar powered LED lamp for the developing world

When it comes to modernistic technology, very few of our contemporary gadgets are truly applicable in the conscientious scope. However, much of our skepticism can certainly be appeased with practically conceived devices like Little Sun. Envisaged as a solar powered LED lamp; this bantam contraption would provide affordable yet efficient lighting for rural people living in developing countries.

Little Sun

The fruit of the collaborative effort from designers Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen, this lamp will be imbibed with an adequate power mechanism to provide 5 hours of lighting during late evening and night. Fueled by its advanced yet efficient LED system, the optimized charging of 4 hours can be easily followed after, during the day time. In fact, its LED inspired design along with the efficacious circuitry, comprehensively extends its ‘life’ to over three years of continuous usage. Moreover, the apt system used on the inside will keep its crucial battery system from overheating, thus improving upon the device’s overall longevity.

However, beyond all the technical specifications, we should be interested about the convenient yet collective impact this invention can have in the rural scope of things. Most people across the villages from Asia to Africa still rely on high emission components like kerosene for lighting during the night. But, fossil fuel derivatives such as these are not only pollution intensive, they pose a danger of catching fire, especially in huts with thatched roofing. In relation to this, the floridly designed Little Sun can certainly act as the sustainable, safe yet low cost alternative to traditional lamps.

And, that is not all; as in the larger ambit, the designers are also looking forth to design other equally energy efficient products in the future. This conscientious list includes a solar powered battery, a radio, phone charger and even a larger variant to Little Sun.

Via: DavidReport