Sulphur Recycling Program Kicks Off in Three Area Schools

Even before the widespread recycling program taking place in Sulphur City has had a chance to celebrate its first anniversary, the mayor of the city, Chris Duncan, has come up with some innovative ideas which will help kick in the following stage of the project. According to the honourable Mayor Duncan, the city-wide recycling project had started almost a year back in 2011 in the month of October with just a single dumpster. So, both the residents as well as the mayor have made the resolution together to take the project a step further into the next level.

Inception of the Idea

Duncan had happened to come in contact with a teacher at a recycling dump located within the city and had approached her with a question – whether or not she would like to have some extra bins for use in her educational institution. This brief interaction had long-drawn repercussions as it gave rise to the notion of testing the recycling program in a school setting. Key, Frasch and LeBlanc – the three schools were selected to be the three test institutions for the program which is being financed wholly with money from the Mayor’s own pocket.

Now that the three different pilot schools have been chosen for implementing the program, the Mayor hopes to be able to attain the sufficient amount of volume, following which it is up to the School Board to determine the sort of volume that is passing through the spot. A green bin will be provided which they can place in a convenient location instead of them having to turn up every time they need to obtain any stuff.

Method of the Program

Mayor Duncan explained the entire process in detail which involves setting up a small green recycling waste bin in every classroom in the building. When these bins become full, the school authorities will get in touch with the city which will then send someone to pick up the waste and dispose of it in a proper way.

The project which had a humble beginning, consisting of one lone bin, is now ongoing in three schools in Sulphur and they might have to add a fourth one soon to satisfy the need. The ones currently in Maplewood are being dumped at an astonishing rate of three times per week. Another bin would have to be set up soon to accommodate all the trash. Students are expected to cooperate wholeheartedly and there are plans to offer incentives in due time.