Subterfuge: The next generation wind turbine conducive to urban context

Subterfuge Wind Turbine

Wind energy continues to maintain its top spot in the pantheon of renewable energy sources. And to many of us, the generation of wind power may just seem as a part of a simplistic mechanism, when compared equally to its renewable brethren – solar power. Certainly, the wind power may be convenient to strap up, but some amount of advanced technical prowess goes into its development. This is aptly demonstrated by the Subterfuge Wind Turbine, designed by Tim Tocci.

Primarily conceived to cater to an exclusively urban domain, the Subterfuge Wind Turbine supposedly makes use of the ‘turbulent and inconsistent wind patterns’ prevalent in such parts. Designed with a vertical axis, the concept came with numerous trial and error methods. Finally the designer came upon the evolved iteration of the turbine in the form of a compact, circular box-like conception covered with a cowl and aluminum airfoils (as wind barriers). The rotors are contained within the ‘box’, while the whole setup is supported by a steel mast.

There are numerous supplementary features that enhance the performance of the turbine. This includes roof scoops for prevention of opposite drag, light weight spokes on the roof and floor inside the box, magnetic buttons for dispersion of magnetic field and even Delrin ball bearings for easing the friction. All of this makes the wind turbine suitable for binding low intensity wind, and that basically stimulates its advantage in cramped conditions. According to the designers, the total setup will cost around $1000, though there have been no detailed information on the capacity or specifications. According to the final assessment of this practical concept, one could certainly hope that those ubiquitously large and noisy wind turbines may be a thing of the past.

Designer: Tim Tocci