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Stylish bodysuit to combat Malaria: A fusion of fashion and science

Fashionable mosquito repellents must have been a dream of many. But now you can fend off mosquitoes with a style. Innovation at its best by a Cornell University scientist and a Gambian designer has made this possible. This creative lifesaving outfit was actually treated with insecticides to create a wearable dress to repel mosquitoes infected with malaria. Malaria is a disease that kills an estimated six lakh fifty five thousand people in Africa each year. The molecular bonds make it impossible for the insects to break and dissipate as compared to skin based repellents. This outfit can be worn throughout the day.

Anti-Malaria Garment That Wards Off Bugs

Application of fiber science to combat the problem of people being infected by Malaria is a great step to protect human health. Since metal organic framework molecules are used to bind the repellent directly to the fibers, it helps in loading up thrice the amount of insecticide as compared to the conventional nets. It also increases the fabric’s long-term efficacy. This stylish and modern bodysuit can help you fight mosquitoes in a trendy way. Kenyan scientist and a Gambian designer’s insecticide treated hooded bodysuit can ward off malaria causing mosquitoes with help of clustered crystalline compounds embedded in a mesh fabric.

This colorful garment is hand-dyed in vibrant tones of gold and blue and purple. Kenya’s population is highly affected by this disease and such solutions are a boon to the people of that country. Some other varieties of mosquito nets are already available but are not 100% foolproof. This bodysuit will protect its wearers at night when mosquitoes are on the hunt. You can try this new insecticide-treated bodysuit to fight malaria and stay healthy and live happy. This is a great example of amalgamation of fashion and science.

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