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Stunning products made using recycled paper

The world is gradually entering into an era where use of recycled materials is increasingly gaining momentum. There are many reasons for the same including, environmental hazards caused by waste materials, rapidly declining resources and people’s quest to find creative solutions for a sustainable tomorrow. These reasons are also the inspiration behind designers’ enthusiasm for creating unique products from recycled paper.

Folded paper bowl

Designed by Rutis Roots, Folded Paper Bowl is a DIY eco friendly fashion accessory, which you can make at home. All you need is 390 pieces of recycled paper, glue, acrylic colors and a card board. Custom made folded paper bowl can also be purchased from Etsy for $39. It is 4 inch long, 15 inch wide and can be used for keeping valuable items like sweets, earrings, bangles, key chains, coins, and other cosmetics.

Paper Dress

Designer Jolis Paons has prepared this handmade paper dress from pages of an old phone book. You may have a question about the wearability of a paper dress. However, Paons’ paper dress is an eco friendly dress, which you can be worn for special occasions. It will help you spread the message of saving the environment that too with style.

Modish recycled paper furniture

Designers at Way Basics have developed a range of home furniture designs made from zBoards. This paper furniture is strong enough to be used as conventional bookshelves, tables and beds. Moreover, zBoard is made from 99 percent post consumer recycled paper and it can be 100 percent recycled after use.

Recycled paper bottle

Designed by Brandimage, the 360 Bottle is made from recycled paper. Be it water, milk or oil, the paper bottle can be used for storing all kind of liquids. Also, the design provides a solution for the environmental hazard caused by the excessive use of plastic bottles. In the U.S. alone, about 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day.


As the name suggests, Life is an eco conscious solution for reducing use of plastic containers and developing a ‘sustainable culture about water’. Designed by Andrea Ponti, Life is a paper made water container which will be used during 2015 Milano Expo. It has been double stitched for insulation and provided with a green cord made from natural cotton so that you can carry it with you, wherever you go.

Eco hip recycled newspaper bag

A group of 32 Brazilian women have crafted this unique and hip recycled newspaper bag. The stylish and trendy bag can be used for many purposes. The developers have used recycled news paper, organic cotton, silk, etc and coated it with natural water resistant protection. There is also a zipper/magnetic snap closures in the bag. It is available in five color variants for $129 to$249 at Ecoist.

100 percent post consumer recycled paper table

Designed by Matt Gagnon, this handmade paper coffee table can be used as a table top or for keeping magazines and other materials. Gagnon has used 100 percent post consumer recycled paper board, homasot and bolts for making this eco friendly piece of furniture. Linseed oil has been used for giving a neat finish to the table. It can be purchased for $2,940.

Vase from recycled newspaper

Here is another example of the creative use of recycled newspaper. The paper vase has been fanned around a recycled aluminium base. Its inner base can be removed for cleaning and filling the Vase. According to the designers, the recycled paper vase is easy to maintain and can be purchased for $30.00.

Recyclable paper laptop

Designed by Je Sung Park, the paper laptop is a futuristic eco friendly concept for the tech savvy generation. According to Park, the main body of the paper laptop would be made from recycled paper or pulp materials packed in layers. Such a device would be easy to maintain and repair. Also, it would save the earth from wastes, which is generated by old computing devices.

Recycled paper cut ‘Cloud’ lamp shades

UK based designer, Yu Jordy Fu has created a series of five Cloud lampshades made from recycled paper. It generates a mystery inspiring white ambiance around the bulb and uplifts the home decor. The unique lampshades have been named as Angels, Prague, Memory, Grandpa and Story. it is available in a range of different sizes and price of $141.53 to $ 392.15.

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