Studio Shift’s retail center proposal capitalizes on naturally cleansed waters

studio shift retail center 1

Eco Factor: Sustainable retail center design features use of locally sourced materials.

Studio Shift has unveiled the designs of their new retail center proposal for a riverside location in Miyi, where it capitalizes on the naturally cleansed waters of the South Lake area. The center comprises three buildings that are conceptually carved from one solid entity and reconnected through the public plaza.

studio shift retail center 2

The buildings are designed sustainably by making the maximum possible use of locally sourced materials. An extensive climbing wall has also been designed that can be used both from the exterior and the interior. The interior is articulated as a glass-clad void inserted into the solid mass of the structure.

studio shift retail center 3

The plaza has been oriented toward the south to maximize solar exposure. The center conserves energy by using natural sources for climate control and illumination.

Via: ArchDaily