Street lights to be dimmed on British roads to reduce emissions and save money

Street lights are boon for the society as they guard individuals against accidents, but at the same time the high consumption of electricity makes it a bane for the precious energy reserves. In an effort to save electricity and reduce carbon footprints, British government recently planned to dim street lights on A class highways.

Street lights to be dimmed on A roads to save money

British Highways Agency has already implemented this technique on more than eighty miles of highway network under their control and is surveying the remaining 2500 miles of A-class roads for expanding the coverage area. The plan, if implemented correctly, will surely save money and reduce carbon footprint. The plan is to be implemented by turning off street lights at specific times to reduce their energy consumption as well as pollution created by them.

The effort is being supported by many British government dignitaries, owing to the fact that the initiative will help in cost saving and in controlling environmental pollution created by the street lights.

The plan is to turn on/off the street lights according to the traffic congestion, which means that the setup of the street lights at rush hours must be at high level and when the traffic congestion is low, it will be dimmed to save the energy and reduce harmful carbon emissions.