Statue of liberty solar light – Symbolizing the power of alternative energy in saving our planet

Statue Of Liberty Solar Light

America‘s most enduring symbol of freedom can now move from Ellis Island to your lawns and walkways. It’s a monument/treasure that all Americans are proud off and would like to possess in some form or the other. This Statue of liberty solar light (standing four feet tall) is an ultimate replacement for your traditional outdoor lights (that is just a metal post with a light on top). It holds a solar-powered torch that casts light on lawns and walkways and you won’t have to bury an electrical wire to power it. The lady Statue of Liberty will now also symbolize the power of alternative energy in saving our planet from global warming hence can dub it as ‘Statue of Green Earth’.

Via: Gazette

  1. I am looking to buy a solar torch for my 7 ft statue of liberty. The dimensions are 7″ high by 3 1/2 ” wide at the base. Do you have anything like that?

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