Stanford students design recyclable laptop that disassembles in just 2 minutes

bloom recyclable laptop 1

Eco Factor: Recyclable Bloom laptop developed using Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Inventor Publisher software.

A pioneering prototype of the recyclable Bloom laptop developed by Stanford students allowed them to become the Autodesk Inventor of the Month for October. The class of Stanford University graduate students along with students from Finland’s Aalto University was asked to develop a recyclable consumer electronics product that makes electronics recycling a simpler, more effective and engaging process for consumers. The refined and readily accessible laptop design is a result of 3D digital prototypes of the laptop’s hardware components, Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Inventor Publisher software.

Unlike other laptops available today that take about 45 minutes to disassemble, the Bloom laptop can be disassembled in just 10 steps within two minutes, without using any tools. It modular design makes it easy for consumers to decrease the amount of electronic waste added to landfills. Since it is easy to disassemble, the laptop can easily be repaired or upgraded, building a long-term relationship with the user.